Board Members


ZVIAD KORDZADZE – Chairman of Georgian Law Firms Association

2003 – till now Attorney at Law, managing partner at “Kordzadze Law Office” LP;
1996 – 2003 Attorney at Law, partner at “Kordzadze and Svanidze – Attorneys”;
1995 – Member of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association ;
1995 – 2006 Board member of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association;
1997 – 1998 Member of the Interdepartmental Commission of the National Security Council of Georgia elaborating emergency measures for the protection of human rights ;
2001 Member of the Science-Consulting Council of Public Prosecutors Office of Georgia;
2002 Member of the Science-Consulting Council of the Committee of the Parliament of Georgia of legal issues, legality and Administrative reforms;
2005 – 2006 Member of the Coordinating Committee at Legal Entity of Public Law, Public Advocacy Service ;
2006 –2013 Member of the Executive Board of Georgian Bar Association;
2014 Chairman of Georgian Law Firms Association;

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Ketti Kvartskhava –  Deputy Chairman

“Ketti Kvartkshava is a Partner of BLC Law Office. Her practice areas include Dispute Resolution, Litigations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax and Customs Law, International Business Transactions, International Arbitration and Banking and Finance Law. Mrs. Kvartskhava joined BLC in 2001. Prior to becoming a partner of BLC in 2003, Mrs. Kvartskhava has served as an associate and the Head of the Legal Practices of BLC. Mrs. Kvartskhava’s professional experience includes her work as a Commercial Law Advisor at the USAID Georgia, whereby she has been actively engaged in several country legal assessments, as well as the reform of tax inspections and associated qualification tests, evaluated and established the needs in further development of Georgian state authorities to facilitate economic growth in the country.

Mrs. Kvartskhava has been teaching International Private Law at the Tbilisi State University. She worked as a Legal Counsel for the US-Georgian Commercial Bank JSC Absolute Bank, whereby she has advised the bank on various tax, legal and regulatory issues and represented in number of successful litigations. Mrs. Kvartskhava served as a Legal Counsel of JSC Transcaucasia Bank, advising the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board on legal and regulatory issues. She also has experience of serving as a legal assistant at the Mission of Georgia in the United Nations, based in New York.

Ketti Kvartskhava is one of Directors of AmCham Georgia (American Chamber of Commerce), has been a member of the board of the charity First Step, providing assistance to the disabled children and served as a vice chairman of the board of the union Free Elections and Democracy.

Mrs. Kvartskhava holds professional degrees from the Tbilisi State University Department of Law (‘Aspirantura’ 2001 Magna Cum Laude), Wake Forest University School of Law (LL.M 1999) and Tbilisi State University Department of Law (J.D. 1997 Magna Cum Laude). She successfully passed the first Georgian Bar Exam, held in November 2003 and is a member of the Georgian Bar Association and a member of the Ethics Committee. Mrs. Kvartskhava teaches legal ethics and holds professional trainings for the practicing attorneys and students.

With Native Georgian, Ketti Kvartskhava is fluent in English and Russian languages”.



Zaza Bibilashvili is a founding partner of BGI Advisory Services and a director of BGI Legal, a leading full-service law firm in Georgia.  Born in 1974, Zaza graduated from the International Law Department of the Tbilisi State University and got his B.A. in International Relations from Canisius College in the US.  From 2000 to 2003, he was the director of GCG Law Office, the dominant law firm in Georgia at the time.  From 2003 to 2006 he was the director of Ernst & Young Legal in Georgia.  In addition to being a member of the Board at the Association of Law Firms of Georgia and the head of its Pro Bono initiative, Zaza is the chairman of the Richard Wagner Foundation of Georgia, acts as an arbitrator with the International Chamber of Commerce, is an elected member of the Board at ICC Georgia, and writes frequently for leading Georgian publications such as Forbes Georgia, Tabula and others.


David Kvachantiradze – Board Member 

Main Education: 1994-1999 Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law.
Professional Experience: From 2005 – Partner at VBAT; Since 2014- A Board Member of the Association of Law Firms of Georgia, the Head of the Criminal Law Work Group;
Since 2013- Council of Europe Trainer on antidiscrimination legislation and application of the ECHR; Since-2012 Member of Ethics Commission of GBA; Since 2012 – Trainer of NORLAG in Argumentation of Judgements; Since 2012 – Trainer of ABA in Advanced Trial Advocacy Skills; Since 2011 – GBA – Trainer in Professional Ethics; Since 2010 – Trainer of ABA in the Criminal Procedure Code; Trainer of ABA in Forensics/Expert witnesses – 2010; 2004-2005 – VBAT – Lawyer;
1999-2001 – High Court of Georgia – Assistant to Judge; 2001-2004 – Centre of Protection of Constitutional Rights – Legal Counsel; Centre of Protection of Constitutional Rights “Legal Clinic” Project – Legal Counsel; Centre of Protection of Constitutional Rights “Support to Penitentiary System Reform” – Director of Project; The Head of Support Group of the Penitentiary System Reform of the Centre of Protection of Constitutional Rights; Since 2006 – “Development Group” Ltd. – Trainer-Consultant on Public Procurements issues.

Areas of practice: Criminal Law, Criminal Defence, Tax Law, Public Procurements.
Membership: Georgian Bar Association;The Head of Criminal Law Work Group.
Languages: Georgian, English, Russian.

Zakaria Shvelidze – Board Member 

Zakaria Shvelidze is a Senior Associate with Gvinadze & Partners. His practice encompasses a wide area of civil and administrative law and dispute resolution, with particularly in-depth expertise in Labor Law. In addition to his broad transactional experience, Zakaria is an experienced litigator with a number of successfully concluded matters in the Georgian Courts as well as in private arbitration. Prior to joining the firm, Zakaria worked as in-house counsel at a leading Georgian insurance company, a Georgian audit consultancy firm, and the Georgian office of the American Center for International Labor Solidarity. Zakaria also completed an internship at Teller & Associates in Seattle in the US.  Over the years, Zakaria regularly delivers the training series for judges organized at the High School of Justice of Georgia and is a member of the working group on labor law curriculum for Georgian judges. He is also a former member of the Accreditation Council of LEPL National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement of Georgia.


Zakaria holds an LL.M degree from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law, where he continues his academic research as a PhD student, and lectures frequently on Employment Law. He has also completed a number of professional training programs, including at the Georgetown University Law Center (Washington DC, USA) and the University of Washington School of Law (WA, USA). Zakaria is a member of the Georgian Bar Association and a board member of the Association of Law Firms of Georgia.


Koba Bochorishvili- Board Member

Since 2010 LTD “Bochorishvili, Mikanadze, Papuashvili – Business and Legal Consulting”,
Since 2000 Member of the NGO “Association of Young Financiers and Businessmen”
2012 Invited Expert at International Conference “Domestic Violence”, organized by UN
Since 2010 LTD “Bochorishvili, Mikanadze, Papuashvili – Business and Legal Consulting”,
Since 2010 Member of the Ethics Commission of the Georgian Bar Association
2008-2010 LTD “Bochorishvili, Loria and Partners”, Director/Founding Partner
2009 NGO Coalition “Civil Manifest”, Co-founder
Since 2008 Member of the Interagency Council on Implementation of Domestic Violence
Since 2006 Trainer at the Penitentiary and Probation Training Centre
2006 Head of Legal Department at Tbilisi State University
2006-2011 Executive Director of an NGO “Centre for Protection of Constitutional Rights”
Since 2005 Co-founder/Member of the Coordination Council of NGO Coalition “Civil Society for
2002-2006 Lawyer at the NGO “Centre for Protection of Constitutional Rights”
Since 2002 Member of the NGO “Centre for Protection of Constitutional Rights”
2001-2002 Chair of Lawyers League at NGO “Association of Young Financiers and Businessmen”
Director/Founding Partner Women Fund, Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Since 2014 Founder/ member of board at Association of Law Firms of Georgia


Since 2008 Trainer on elections related issues
2008 Trainer at the Training Course for Judges “Georgian Law on domestic violence”
Since 2007 Trainer on domestic violence related issues
Since 2007 Trainer of ABA/Rule of Law Initiative on development of lawyers skills
Since 2006 Trainings for the staff of penitentiary establishments of Rustavi, Ksani and Kutaisi
2003 Trainer on Election issues for Azeri community representatives in Marneuli municipality


Gocha Gogishvili – Board Member 

Employment Record:

2002 – present Senior Partner, Legal Firm Amirashvili, Gogishvili & Shengelia, GP (International Advocates)
1999- 2002 Senior Partner, legal Firm International Advocates, LLC
1996 – 1999 Leading Specialist, Committee for Constitutional, Legal Affairs and Rule of Law of the Parliament of Georgia 1995 – 1996 Lawyer, JSC EXPO-GEORGIA (exhibition centers)

Other Activities:

February 2014-present Member of the Council of Legal Firms of Georgia
1999-2002 Member of Experts Commission on harmonizing Georgian Legislation with European Convention of November 4, 1950 on Human Rights and Basic Freedoms
1998-2002 Legal adviser and council member, Insurance Association of Georgia, Tbilisi (Georgia)
1997-1999 Working on draft legislation – Civil procedure Law, Bar, Arbitration, Legal Persons of Public Law (Bremen, Germany; Frankfurt on Main, Germany) Institutional Development of Parliament of Georgia (Strasburg, France; Paris, France; Lisbon, Portugal)
1995-2001 Member of Young Lawyers’ Association

1995-1998 Post Graduate Study, Tbilisi State University (Faculty of Law, Civil Law Department)
1990 – 1995 Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law, specialty: science of law, qualification: lawyer
diploma with honors)


Gocha Svanidze – Board Member 


Medium :

1969-1979                            Tbilisi Secondary School # 140

Higher :

1979-1984                            Head of the Polytechnic Institute – Mechanical Engineer

1991-1994                            Tbilisi State University   – lawyer

1999-2000                            Tbilisi Juridical Institute (external) – lawyer



1984-1992                            Various offices of the engineer – mechanic, safety equipment and engineer

of labor protection, chief of operating

1991-1993                            Private Business, Commerce

1994 – Present                   Attorney

1996-1998                            Solidary Liability Company “Kordzadze, Svanidze and Oqruashvili”- Attorney

1998-2003                            JLC “Kordzadze and Svanidze – Attorneys” /Managing Partner – Attorney

2000-Present                      Founder Partner and arbiter of Tbilisi Arbitration Chamber

2003 – Present                    Law Firm “Svanidzeand  The Partners”/ Managing Partner – Attorney

2004-Present                     Georgian Rugby Union /Chairman of the Board

2003-2006                            Red Cross Society /Vice President

Since 2005                           Member of the Georgian Bar Association
Specialization – General (Private and Criminal law; ID # 0579)

2006-2013                            Georgian Bar Association / Executive Board Member

2008-2009                            Acting Chairman of the Georgian Bar Association

2011-2013                            Chairman of the  CivilCommittee of Georgian Bar Association and Council of

Educational Training Center

2013 – Present                   Member of the GeorgianBar Association’s Ethics Committee

2014- Present                    Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA)- Lecturer


Akaki Chargeishvili – Board Member 


Secondary education – 1978-1989, Sokhumi

Higher education – 1991-1996 Tbilisi State University, department of law

Post-graduate – From 1996 post-graduate student of TSU

Doctoral Student – From 2012 of Georgian American University


Military service

1992-1993 participant of armed conflict in Abkhazia. War veteran certificate #150 300 392


Work experience

1995-1998 – State department of youth affairs of Abkhazia autonomous republic, head of law department;

1999-2000 – Ministry of state property management of Georgia, director of law department;

2001-2005 – Chairman of supervisory board of JSC “Georgian film”;

2001-2002 – Head of law department of JSC “AS Telasi”

2002- currently – Private law practice, partner/lawyer of LTD “Chargeishvili and company”; STD “Chargeishvili Law Inn” founder, manager partner/lawyer;

2003-2005 – Member of supervisory board of LTD “Georgian railway”;

2004-2005 – Director of corporative management in JSC “Madneuli”;

2005 – Member of group of experts of Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

2006-2008 – Member of supervisory board of JSC “Madneuli” and LTD ” Quartzite”;

2009 – currently – Member of supervisory board of JSC ,,NOVA TECHNOLOGY”.


Special professional skill

1996 – College for state employee of Tacis

1997 – Budapest, European Central University, courses of raising the level of skill for young lecturers;

1998 – Germany, after diploma courses of raising the level of skill, organizing by Carl Guizburg society (CDG),  the programm under the aegis – “Management for Georgia”.

1998 – Member of group of experts of Chamber of Commerce and Industry about  Germany land of Baden-Viutemberg

2000 – USA, seminars about Act of free information;

2003- Bar Association, Quaification of Civil Law; Since 2010- General qualification.

2004-2005 – Short-term raising the level of skill in Mosbach and Karlsrhue (professional academies/ BERUFSAKADEMIE) for preparing course of lectures on Banking and economic law.

2005- currently- Georgia Chamber of Commerce, member of the Economic Expert Group;

2010-2013 – Bar Association Chairman of the Audit Commission;

2013- Lobbyist in Georgian Parliament


Scientific and social experience

1995-currently – Member of Georgian young lawyers association;

2002-currently – Founder and co-chairmen of Georgian center of institutional reforms;

Author of several scientific works, published in magazines: “Justice”, “Justice and life” and e.c.;

Co-author of ancillary manual for reforms in rating authority;

2002- Co-author of legislation of new tax code, certification #204 of intellectual property rights attestant, issued by National center of intellectual property “Saqpatenti”;

02.2003 – Reporter on South Caucasus Regional Land Policy Conference on Legal Issues;

2012- Trainer of legal writing;

2012-currenlty –  Associate Professor of Georgian American University;

2013- currently – The editorial board of magazine  “Lawyer”;

2014- currently- The founder and board member  of “The Georgian chamber of business”



1999 – 2012- Seminars about trade and corporative law in Georgian young lawyers association;

2000- Expert of Business Economic and Tax law;

2001 – 2010- Lectures in ESM-Tbilisi on corporative/business law and banking law;

2012- currently-Visiting Professor of International Black Sea University;

2012- currently- Associate Professor of Georgian American University


Emzar Paksadze – Board Member 

Since 2003 he has been conducting the advocacy activity.

Since 2005 member of ,,Georgian Bar Association’’.

In 1990-2002 graduated from Georgian State Agricultural University, Batumi Agricultural Institution, faculty of Economics and Law.

In 2003 – passed the Prosecutors’ qualification exam.

In 2004 – passed the Advocates’ qualification exam.

In 2003 – head of ,,Association of Free Development and Rights Protection”.

In 2008-2009 – board member at ,,International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy”.
Since 2008 he is the founder member of Ltd ,,Samkharadze, Paksadze and Partners”.

In 2009-2013 member of the Ethics Commission of  Georgian Bar Association.

In 2011 -member of Public Board at ,,Georgian Public Broadcaster”.


Keti Mirianashvili – Board Member 

Keti Mirianashvili is an attorney at law and a managing partner of Law Consulting Group, a law firm in Georgia.

2001 – Graduated from the Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law with merit.

2002-2003  – Worked as the specialist at the legal department of Parliament of Georgia

2004-2007  – worked as the leading legal consultant andthe substitute of the notaryat the Notary Office

2008-2010 –  the company “Bina”, the chief lawyer

2011 – theGran Exito Law Company, Founder, attorney

Since 2010 is the member of the Georgian Bar Association

Since 2014 is the founder of Association of Law Firms of Georgia.

2014-2015 – the member of UEFA Super Cup Organizing Team, the chief counsel

Since 2015 is the board member of ALFG

She has passed the notary and advocate’s qualification exams


Amiran MAKARADZE – Board Member 


–           LLM in International Trade, Investment and Commercial Law, University of Oslo, Norway;

–           LLB in Law, Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi, Georgia;

Work Experience

–           Present – 2016/09     Invited Lecturer of International Business Law, Georgian

Business Academy;

–           Present – 2016/07     Legal Counsel, Invet Group LLC;

–           Present – 2016/01      Associate, Law Offices “Begiashvili and Co. Limited”;

–           2016/01- 2014.08               Legal Officer, Shuakhevi Hydropower Project, Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC;

–           2014.05/ 12.2013     Legal Analyst/Project Assistant, Norwegian Helsinki Committee;

–           2013.07/06.2012      Trainee Lawyer at “SPS and Partners Legal Bureau”;

–           2011.06/02.2011      Legal Intern, Transparency International Georgia;

–           2008.10/06.2008      Legal Research Assistant/Intern Center for European and International Economic   Law, Thessaloniki Greece;

–           2007.02/04.2006      Legal Consultant/Intern, Young Lawyers Association of Georgia;

Training Courses and Seminars

–           Legal, Financial and Tax Aspects of Shareholder’s Resolution and Directors’ Liability, National Center for Commercial Law Tbilisi, Georgia;

–           International Investment Law, Summer Seminar, University of Helsinki, Finland;

–           Mediation and Arbitration-Global and National Challenges, International Conference, NCADR, South Texas Law College, Tbilisi State University;

–           Law School on Mergers and Acquisition, Istanbul Bar Association, ELSA Istanbul, Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey;

–           International Arbitration School, Heinrich Heine University; German Institution of Arbitration, Dusseldorf, Germany;

–           Training Course in Human and Civil Rights, Friedrich Nauman Foundation for Freedom; Gummersbach, Germany;

–           Study Course in Negotiations and Conflict Transformation, Austrian Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution; Austria;

–            Juridical Clinic, American Bar Association, Batumi, Georgia;


–         Stabilization Clauses in Investment Contracts – Contractual Stability Mechanisms in Energy Investment Projects;  2015, University of Oslo, Norway;

–         Review of Judgments on Civil and Human Rights, European Court of Justice; Quarterly Almanac, 2008, Centre for European Economic Law; Thessaloniki, Greece;

Additional Information

–         Georgian Bar Association, admitted since 2012;

–         Association of Georgian Law Firms, Board Member, 2016;

–         Young Arbitrators International Group, Member, 2013;


–         Georgian/Native;

–         English/Fluent;

–         Russian/Fluent;