The main goal of association is:

• Protect corporate rights and interests of the law firms

• Promote, develop and protect advocates’ rights and interests

• Develop and protect professional ethic standards

• develop profession and education of the lawyers

• Strengthen the role of the lawyer as the active member to the judicial system.

• Increase the quality of legal service and the qualification of the lawyers

To achieve its goals and objectives association is authorized to fulfill the following activities:


• Implement legal education programs, organize trainings to increase qualification of

• Collaborate with legislative, executive and judicial bodies, with international organizations,

• Work out with the mechanism to protect member legal firms and lawyers in case of law

• Work for the increasing ethical standards, organizes trainings and conferences

• In case of agreement between parties may be a mediator between law firm, between law firm

• Prepare draft law

• Collaborates with Georgian bar Association, other Association of lawyers, with universities

• Publish journal of association and other publications

In addition, association is entitled to fulfill any activity which is not prohibited by the Georgian legislation and is connected with the goals and objectives to the association. Association may have commercial activity which should assist the Association for the better implementation of the purpose of the statute. members, and organizes round table meetings, meetings on problematic issues of profession non-governmental organization violation and lawyers, between lawyers and their clients and other scientific/educational institutions