Address: #1 G. Nishnianidze st, Tbilisi

Tel: 032 230 57 77

VBAT is a law firm involving a new generation of lawyers.

VBAT offers to client full package of quality service in all main areas of law.

Working languages of VBAT are Georgian, Russian, English, German and Italian that enables the firm to serve both local and foreign clients with an equal success.

Legal activities of VBAT are not limited to Georgian legislation – VBAT offers legal solutions in Georgia and abroad, conducting legal proceedings in Georgia and abroad in arbitration tribunals and international courts.

Activities of VBAT include due diligence, preparation of legal opinions, contracts and other types of legal documentation.

VBAT represents and defends interest of its clients in courtrooms, at negotiation tables, vis a vis the state and private organizations.